Sunday, February 12, 2006


Hemochromatosis and Silver Fillings: slow death

Hemachromatosis is a genetic defect which causes a person not to get rid of the iron that accumulates in their system. The iron levels eventually build up to toxic levels which affect the heart, circulation system, liver and other organs. It is a silent killer and unless you are tested for it you may never know you have it until it is too late. People with hemachromatosis who are untreated carry around high levels of iron in their blood. This is basically metal poinsoning. If they also have silver fillings, those fillings will leak mercury into their blood stream, where it will combine with the large amounts of iron and devastate the body even quicker than just iron alone. I know. It happened to me. In 2001 I had a mouth full of silver (mercury 50%) fillings. I had a root canal and my dentist put a gold crown on the tooth. I was not aware of it but that created a battery effect. Two different metals, gold and silver, in the presence of a salty saliva created a battery effect which drew the mercury from the fillings and into the boodstream to combine with iron and attack my circulation system. I started to first lose circulation in the extremities, hands and feet. They were freezing and after arriving at work would have to put my feet in a bucket of hot water just to warm them up. I am an athletic person and always had great circulation and large veins. The combination of mercury poinsoning and iron poisoning (hemachromatosis) attacked the weakest point of my circulation, the trip back to the heart, that is the veins. I would get pinching pains in my veins where ever the damage was being done and those particular veins would "pinch off" that is to say, reduce to one tenth their size. The mercury poisoning also contributed to depression and you begin to have a metal taste in your mouth. At night, your tounge pushes up agains the roof of your mouth and teeth and if you stick out your tongue, you will see ridges on the side of your tongue, which is the impression of your tongue pushing up agains your teeth. The spaces between your teeth leave the ridges on your tongue. I invite anyone to read the implications for hemachromatosis alone. Combine that with mercury poisoning and you get a speedy silent killer that goes after the heart and circulation system very quickly. My first iron blood test read 475 ng/liter where normal is 50. One Dentist in Cleveland, Ohio who helps treat people with mercury poisoning by removing and replalcing those fillings with ceramic fillings is Terrance Messerman. He has a lot of equipment to measure the amount of electric charge produced by the battery effect of your fillings and the amount of mercury coming out of the teeth and into your body. If you have unexplained problems with circulation and you have two different kinds metal in your mouth (gold and silver) get yourself check for hemachomatosis. It could save your life. I finally found a preventive medicine doctor, M.D., who diagnosed me for the mercury poisoning first, and then we also found the high iron levels, which were confirmed by blood tests from Cleveland Clinic. Cleveland Clinic had no idea or clue that my problems were from the combination of Hemachromatosis and Mercury Poisoning. Again, if you know you have Hemachromatosis, I advise you to replace them with ceramic fillings and get yourself tested for mercury poisoning. Hair analysis will help also. Treatment for the mercury poisoning is similar to that for lead poisoning. You take an I.V. that binds with the mercury to flush it through your kidneys. Sometimes you combine this with oral sulfur compounds to help. For Hemachromatosis it is just a standard phletbotamy, which means , they take blood from you every two weeks which forces your body to make new blood which, of course , contains no iron, because you pick up iron from your food and utensils, as your body does not make iron. My age is 54 and I have had silver fillings all my life. From the time my dentist put that gold crown in my mouth is when my series of problems began. My advice, get rid of your silver fillings , and for God's sake, dont let any dentist put two different metals in your mouth such as gold and silver, which will create a batter effect and start drawing the mercury out and into your bloodstream.

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